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News: Adopt-A-Park

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10/1/2011 12:00:00 AM  Recreation Office 

What is "Adopt-A-Park"? The purpose of the Adopt-A-Park program is to create a framework under which citizens, businesses, volunteer organizations and civic groups can contribute to the community by adopting a park, open space or trail and agreeing to improve it through various tasks and projects. This program has been established as an environmental stewardship and public service program. Goal Horsham Township's goal is to have all our parks adopted so that we can offer our residents even better experiences when they use any of our parks. The Horsham Township Parks Department shall work in partnership with businesses and citizen groups to assist in the reduction of maintenance costs and more importantly to build civic pride in Horsham's park system. The Adopt-A-Park Program was created to give the residents or local businesses the opportunity to come out and help take care of the parks. Horsham Township has a wonderful park system but help is always appreciated and participating in the Adopt-A-Park Program gives those volunteers a greater sense of pride in their local parks. We are looking for those groups interested in adopting a park to commit to four work events during a year. These events can be anything from planting flowers or weeding flower beds to painting and cleaning up trash. Additional activity suggestions can be found below. The Rewards are endless... • A sense of accomplishment • A sense of community pride and ownership • The opportunity to make a visible difference • Keep taxes stable If you are interested in adopting a park, please contact Mark Hudson, Park Superintendent at (215) 672-6913 or mhudson@horsham.org. Horsham Township looks forward to working with you to improve our park system and community. Activity Suggestions • Maintain limestone and woodchip trails and paths • Spring Clean-up • Pick-up litter • Clean and paint facilities and equipment • Repair or replace signs • Improve landscaping (plant trees, flowers or shrubs; weed and mulch trees and other planting beds • Pile fallen branches • Rake leaves • Use business expertise to further enhance and/or develop the Horsham Township Park system • Provide monetary funds for projects or equipment in the adopted park or other parks Adopt-A-Park Partners shall... • Commit to adopt a park or section of a park for a minimum of two (2) years. • Sign a memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with Horsham Township. • Commitment to a minimum of four (4) maintenance sessions per year. • Obey and abide by laws and regulations related to safety and other terms and conditions. • Work in conjunction with all youth sports associations who may use the park. • Place litter in trash bags provided and place in predetermined location. Tag large, heavy or hazardous items and report the location to Horsham Township Parks Department for pick-up. • Have at least one telephone with you at all times. • Remain alert near roadways or in areas where snakes, poison ivy or stinging insects may be present. • Provide one adult supervisor for every five (5) youth volunteers under the age of 18 that are working in the adopted park. • Maintain a first aid kit and adequate supply of drinking water while members are working in the adopted park. • Horsham Township does not carry individual accident insurance, nor will be responsible for any claim of property losses or personal injury sustained in association with the Adopt-A-Park Program. Adopt-A-Park Partners shall NOT: • Make additions to park property without written request to and approved by the Parks Superintendent. • Perform work on bridges, tunnels, over-passes, in rivers, or streams or in areas that may present any type of hazard. Work shall be performed on park property only. • Conduct activities during hazardous weather conditions. • Sub contract or assign its duties or responsibilities to any other group or organization. Horsham Township Parks Department will: • Approve/make recommendations on Adopt-A-Park applications. • Erect signs at the adopted park displaying the Adopt-A-Park logo and name or acronym of the adopt-a-park partner. • Remove filled garbage bags and/or piled limbs and brush from the adopted area as soon as practical after litter collection is completed. • Maintain the right to terminate the adoption if a group/organization does not meet the terms and conditions of the agreement. • Provide technical in program development and coordination based upon approved Township Master Plan. • Provide technical assistance with tree, shrub and garden plantings. • Provide publicity of the adopt-a-park program to local news and media agencies.

Parks that can be adopted
Community Parks

Deep Meadow Park 1020 Horsham Road 51.88 acres
Lukens Park 540 Dresher Road 50.68 acres
Cedar Hill Road Park 449 Cedar Hill Road 87.00 acres
Chestnut Creek Park 273 Lower State Road 80.00 acres

Neighborhood Parks

Meetinghouse Park 38 Meetinghouse Road 6.50 acres
Maple Park 606 A. Brumar Drive 7.46 acres
Wayne Avenue Park Girard Avenue 1.40 acres
Blair Mill Park 302 Blair Mill Road 3.35 acres
Hideaway Hills Park 2 725 Marietta Drive 2.86 acres
Saw Mill Lane Tot-lot Saw Mill Lane 1.97 acres
Jarrett Road Park 726 Jarrett Road 2.31 acres
Sawyer's Way Park Sawyers Way 11.66 acres
Whetstone Tot-lot Whetstone Road 1.32 acres
Power Line Trail From Dresher Road to Babylon Road 

Parks that have been adopted

Kohler Park 1013 Horsham Road Prudential and Park Creek Watershed Assoc.
Carpenter Park 1000 Horsham Road United Healthcare
Lukens Park 540 Dresher Road Horsham Rotary